Outdoor Skills Workshop
Imagine yourself hiking a forest trail far from the crowds and cars. Picture the trees, streams and beautiful vistas; the sounds of birds and the breeze. Now imagine finding the perfect campsite in the woods and cooking your delicious dinner by a cozy campfire. Catskill Country Walks instructors can help make this a reality for you! We teach you the necessary skills for a successful and safe camping trip in the woods. This one-day workshop is geared to adults, but young people 11 years and older are welcome. Minors must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Cost: With Pre-registration $65 for the day for adults 18 and over.
$80 for the day plus overnight. Ages 11-17: $30 for the day and $45 for the day and overnight. Price at the gate - add $10

Our one-day workshop will include:
• Tree and plant identification: Species, useful plants and general ID techniques.
• Tie knots/lashings: Basic camping knots, care of rope, useful lashing techniques.
• Use of knives, saws and axes: How to handle and sharpen a variety of camp tools and cut and chop wood.
• Map and compass: How to use a compass, read a map and use them together to find your way.
• Making fire: With and without lighters or matches, the basics of building a campfire.
• Cooking on a campfire: Use camp utensils and cooking equipment as well as how to regulate a fire for the cooking jobs you want to do.
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Outdoor Skills Workshop

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