The history of the Catskills as a place of recreation and leisure predates the founding of our nation. Families came to the Catskills from as far away as the Carolinas and Georgia to escape oppressive summer heat and the illnesses that rampaged through the crowded cities of the coastal United States.

The Catskill Forest Preserve is a unique gem in the treasures of New York and the nation as a whole. The area has inspired artists, writers, naturalists and poets for over 300 years.

Let Catskill Country Walks show you the places that inspired these people, and the places which will inspire you.

The hills and valleys of the Catskills were born over 290 million years ago and shaped by tectonic forces and mighty glaciers. The landscape was further changed by Native Americans, colonial settlers, Dutch patroons, colonial landlords, industrialists and opportunists who saw what they believed to be limitless bounty free for the taking.

Visit the mountains and hear their stories.
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